NaNoWriMo Snippets


Greetings to all my lovely readers! I am back at long last from a rather unexpected hiatus, with (finally) some snippets from my NaNoWriMo project.

I’m afraid it doesn’t really have a title yet, but it’s a modern spy thriller that takes place in several countries. Enjoy!




Five minutes later, his nose began to run. He wiped it on the back of his hand to check. It was blood.

He bit out an angry, wordless exclamation. He wasn’t going to make it.


Peter Sakharov had always hailed him as the quietest, quickest, and most naturally gifted of his spy ring.

Here’s hoping he was right.


He was Russian, he told himself, but that didn’t help any. Starving Russians with no coat get cold too.


Victoria dropped the note like it was on fire. Her heart was pounding its way into her throat and the world closed in with a prickling, hot sensation. The window began to bang again in the wind.

She was alone. She had to get away from there.


“Are we sinking now, Philip?”


“Cows always get sick at the worst times,” said Michael, stomping with his muck boots into the veterinary hospital.


It was a move he would have to live with, even if it meant he didn’t live long. That was the game sometimes.


He thanked the waitress with an extra coin, one he could barely spare, and went across the street to buy new clothes.

And only just in time.

He saw one fellow walking around, looking at all the bus stops, especially the one he had been at.

A chill whispered up his spine.


Philip stood, livid. “She’s a girl—just a girl. You leave that alone. She has nothing to do with political matters.”

The man laughed. “From the looks of it, she knows nothing about them, either.”


“No, Tim. Timothy!”

He stopped and looked back at her. In the stark half-light, she could see there were tears in his eyes.


“There, Victoria,” he whispered, giving her damp hair a kiss. A tear, burning in contrast to the cold salt water that trickled continually down his face, slipped down his cheek and into her hair. “You’ll be alright, sister; you’ll be alright soon.”


Hands clapped on her shoulders and a kiss was planted on the back of her head.

“Who is this beautiful woman, out painting masterpieces?”

“Tim!” she squealed, jumping and turning around. “What’s this? You’re not changed, and—” she broke into laughter, trying to still her pounding heart. “I’m not beautiful, I’m covered in paint!”


“Some of the world isn’t that interesting,” he said, looking over at her with amusement.

“That’s just to you, Philip,” she answered back, pausing to sip her coffee. “To me, it’s—like a limitless adventure.”

“You are too nice. I knew a guy that got mugged in Croatia because he looked rich and American.”

“That’s Croatia. Canada is perfectly civilized.”



13 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Snippets

  1. Em, this is truly incredible. Every quote is vivid and modern and quite exciting. I think it has a new voice to what I’ve seen you write before, and I’m so excited to read it sometime.

    I love all of them, but these especially:
    -That first quote. O.o My dear, really.
    -“A chill whispered up his spine.”
    -The quote where someone (I think Victoria) calls after Timothy.
    – And the last one cracked me up. “That’s Croatia. Canada is perfectly civilized.” XD

    Thanks for sharing your excellent wordcrafting! It gives every indication of being a gripping novel.



    1. Oh, thank you so much! I’m so so happy that you liked the snippets. 🙂

      That first quote. 😥 Writing that scene left me depressed for the rest of the day. And the Croatia quote, yes! XD

      It makes me so happy that you liked it all. I will have to brush it up at some point and let you see it. 😀



  2. So excited to read it sometime! Schuyler’s right, when you write a modern story it’s like you write in a new voice. Very effective.

    Snippets posts actually make me upset because then I want to read the book so badly. Please post a 75,000 word snippet? Please?

    Lots of love


    1. Thank you, Lucy! I honestly was afraid that I didn’t have a new voice, so I am encouraged to hear you and Lucy say that.

      Someday I will send you a 75,000 word snippet, I promise. 🙂



  3. Now this story has a special place in my heart. It’s thrilling and the characters are lovely. 😉
    I’m so happy you chose it as your NaNoWriMo project!!
    I’m so proud of you, Emily. I know it wasn’t easy finding time to write, but your perseverance has paid off and you have a wonderful story to show for it. Can’t wait to read more! =)



  4. Hello Emily!
    I’ve been reading your blog since you launched it but have never stopped to comment! I’m a friend of Schuyler’s, so I heard through her… very excited that you’re blogging and that you’ve posted your NaNoWriMo snippets.
    I love all your snippets and am most excited to see more of your novel, but I must say, my favorite is the last. Oh my. Yes, we are fairly civilized here in Canada. …Except when we get on the topic of “who won the War of 1812”. 😛

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


    1. Hello Kyla! Nice to meet you.:)
      I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed the snippets, and especially the last one, since you are Canadian–I have been to Canada before, and everyone I met was quite civilized, but I am glad to hear that it is always the case. 😉 That was one of those lines that just kind of popped out from one of my characters, and it cracked me up.
      Hmm, I didn’t know there was debate on who won the War of 1812! 😉
      Merry (late) Christmas to you too!



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