Crowning Heaven Cover Reveal + Win an ARC!

Crowning Heaven Cover Reveal

Today I have something very exciting to share with you: the cover of Crowning Heaven! And to celebrate I am giving away two ebook ARCs!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally share this book with you. Years of work, love, and crafting these characters (my favorite part of it all!) have gone into this book, and I am seriously excited to be able to give away a copy to two winners!

The book releases on May 15, 2018 and will be available for pre-order soon. Giveaway link is at the end of the post.

Synopsis:Β Heaven Cassidy has only ever wanted one thing: a family. But when she opens a letter from her long-lost mother, she finds herself running for her life. Swept into a world of proud queens and ancient feuds, Heaven must decide whether her dream is worth taking on the responsibility of two kingdoms, one of which wants to crown her and the other to kill her.


Ready for the cover??



Wait for it…




Isn’t it beautiful? I can’t wait to share the book with you all! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! It only runs for five days so make sure to enter soon!

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20 thoughts on “Crowning Heaven Cover Reveal + Win an ARC!

  1. Beautiful cover, Emily! I will have to bow out of the giveaway, since I don’t have an e-reader. (Is the book going to be available in print, btw?) But good luck to everyone who does enter, and I look forward to reading Crowning Heaven soon!


    1. Bummer, I am so sorry! Yes, the book will be available in print! In fact, I would have loved to be giving away print copy ARCs, but I just wasn’t quite ready enough, so I had to make do. But I can’t wait for you to read it! πŸ™‚

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  2. Okay, so my jaw literally DROPPED at that cover reveal. Like, I’ve seen a lot of cover reveals, but WHOA. THIS ONE WAS ENCHANTING. I can’t even right now. Your book is absolutely gorgeous!!

    I am also totally asking for this book for my birthday… (if only that wasn’t nearly four months away… :(( ) If only I wasn’t broke right now. XD


    1. Girl, your comment MADE MY DAY. That was exactly what I wanted in a book cover (for it to be flat-out gorgeous) and so I’m so chuffed that you like it so well.

      I totally hear you. There are so many good books coming out and I’m flat broke and can’t get any! (Thank this publishing process XD.) But keep your eye out around the actual release date, there will probably be multiple giveaways, so you might get a chance to snag one early. πŸ˜‰

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      1. EEEP! I’m so glad!!! And YES. It truly is flat-out gorgeous!!!! Who designed it??

        UGH, YES! It’s so hard!!!! I want ALL OF THE BOOKS, yet I have to be a patient bean and WAIT and it is HARD. XD But ASDFGHJKL!!!!! OH MY WORD, I AM SO EXCITED!!! I shall definitely keep my eyes peeled!!!!!!!

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