Fall Reading List

Fall Reading List

There is a certain feeling when Autumn comes: a freshening of the air, a feeling of vigor and new beginnings. It is, in my opinion, the best time to start a new adventure.

That’s what makes compiling my Fall TBR list so fun.

The list:

Swallows and Amazons: My siblings enjoyed this book growing up and I am ashamed that I never read it. It is probably best read in the summer, but I am not going to wait to remedy this.

Hamlet: For those of you who don’t know, I am writing a Hamlet retelling this fall. And one should not write a Hamlet retelling without a proper going over of the play again.

Escape Via Berlin: This is the autobiography of a Basque president who was forced to flee for his life in 1937. Wanted by both the Spanish government and the Nazis, he ended up hiding in Berlin for a while to throw trackers off his scent.

The Caged Lion: I have some of the best memories in the world from reading this book, and honestly, I am ready to experience it all again.

Just Do Something: I have heard many good things about this book; I can’t wait to check it out and be challenged and encouraged.

The Color Project: I have heard that this book is adorable, sweet and generally awesome. And when you know the author—reading it becomes a must!

Unsanctioned Eyes: I have been fascinated with this book since I heard about it, and the more Brianna posts aesthetics, the more I know I need to read it.

A Tale of Two Cities: I got halfway through this and lost the book. I just found it, so….

Cinder: I may be very behind the times, but I’ve heard many good things about Marissa Meyer and this series, so it’s time to give it a look.

War of Loyalties: If you guys have not heard, the fantastic Schuyler McConkey is publishing her debut novel this fall. I am 99% sure I’m getting an ARC, so there’s that. I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Have you read any of these books? What books are on your current reading list?

Exciting News + Some Changes

Exciting News + Some Changes to The Herosinger

Hi all! I have some very exciting news to share.

*deep breath*

Wait for it…

Crowning Heaven has gone to my editor!

This has been a wonderful, scary, exciting step. There were a lot of unknowns just a couple weeks ago, and then God showed me that he had it sorted the whole time. But it also meant that I had to drop most things and spend two weeks finishing up the edit.

Hopefully this will be just the first of many exciting announcements about this book; I am planning on a 2018 release.

My second announcement is that the Herosinger blog will be going through a rebrand and a couple other changes, so the place may look a little strange over the next month. But I’m still planning on keeping it up and running during this time. I am hoping the changes will make everything better and easier to navigate.

So tell me: what are your current projects and victories?