Two Tags: The 7/7/7 Challenge and The Infinity Dreams Award

Two Tags_ The 7_7_7 Challenge +

The 7/7/7 Challenge:

So basically you take the seventh page of your WIP, go down seven lines, and share the seven lines that come after that.

At least, that’s how I understand it.

I looked at my editing WIP, and I thought about it, but I decided that I would forgo that and use instead last week’s WIP, a novelette titled Unarranged.

Quick synopsis: Matilde, young ward and niece of a nobleman, discovers that she has just been promised in marriage to the prince of her country. The only problem is, he is fifteen years older than her, and altogether grim and boring. And she is determined to be heartbroken.

The Seven Lines:

My aunt returns before long and I am ready. I place my small hand in her dark-gloved hand, mine white and bare save for a ring with three small sapphires set in twisted silver. I think it looks very becoming on my hand, and so does my aunt, for she smiles as she looks at it.

Not that I want to look becoming.

I heard once of a princess—they called her The Fire Princess—who was so wild that her father promised her to any man who could keep her safe. It is said that she came riding to meet a suitor in flaming scarlet with her hair flying loose, and reared her horse practically upon him and then laughed. She was a bit wild, I will admit, but today I wish I could do that.

The Infinity Dreams Award:

  1.  What’s your absolute favorite book currently?

Ooh, that’s impossible to choose! But Call It Courage, Swift Rivers, San Domingo: Medicine Hat Stallion, Smith of Wootton Major, and Mark of the Horse Lord are all near the top in my affections today.

  1.  If you could hang out with 2 characters from any movie, show and/or book, who would they be?

Hawkeye and Tadashi Hamada.

  1.  What’s your favorite season?

That’s hard. There is something sweet about spring and summer, as they are the absence of winter, but I think I would have to say autumn. There is something about the crisp air, the harvest food, and the feeling of new beginnings that I cannot resist.

  1.  If you could pick one character to portray you in the movie of your life, who would that 1 person be?  (You can pick from any movie, book and show.)

Probably Scarlett Johansson. We resemble each other quite a bit and she’s just about my size.

  1.  What’s your favorite type of flower?

Morning glories, probably, though I do love carnations.

  1.  What’s your favorite instrument?

Uilleann pipes. They are like bagpipes, but Irish, and played by an arm bellow instead of the lungs. I seriously want to buy a set someday.

  1.  What is your favorite genre?

If you are talking books, it’s probably historical fiction. I love experiencing other people’s lives in other places and times.

  1.  Pick one character from any movie, show or book, and pick a candy to describe them.  What candy would they be?

Um, I think that Steve Rogers/Captain America could be a Snickers bar.  Solid, no-nonsense, and American.

  1.  What’s your favorite movie?   

It constantly changes. Currently it might be Cinderella (the new live action version) or Avengers: Age of Ultron.

  1.  What’s your favorite OTP pair?

Clarkson and Martitia from They Loved to Laugh. If you haven’t read this book, you need to.

  1.  What’s your favorite song?

In Pace by Patrick Doyle. I discovered it almost a year ago, and have listened to it over 1,000 times. It gets more beautiful every time I hear it.

Thanks to Annie from Curious Wren Blog and Charisma from Twisted Two for tagging me!

6 thoughts on “Two Tags: The 7/7/7 Challenge and The Infinity Dreams Award

  1. I loved the snippet from Unarranged, Emily! It’s so good, and the premise of the story intrigues me a lot :D. Will you sometime be sharing a snippets post specifically with more from your novels? That would be fantastic!

    The tag was very enjoyable also – random observations: I love “Smith of Wootton Major” so much as well – such a wonderful story! And I need to read “The Mark of the Horse Lord”; it’s a bit of a nuisance that Sutcliff’s novels are a bit of a challenge to find though. . . 😛

    I love historical fiction as a genre as well – I think in a pinch, it’s my favourite genre, though fantasy, mystery and literary fiction are all quite special as well. But writing in that genre is just the best thing ever!

    Cinderella is a perfectly beautiful film!

    Lovely post as usual :D.



    1. Oh, thank you! I am so glad that you liked the snippet and all. 🙂 I will be sharing snippets in the future…hopefully starting this month.
      It’s a pity that Sutcliff’s books are hard to find. She’s such a wonderful author. The Mark of the Horse Lord is a great book, though depending on the kind of person you are, you may want tissues. 🙂 And I LOVE Smith of Wootton Major. There is something very special about that book.
      I agree–I love writing historical fiction! The research, the mindsets, the settings–everything is so interesting and challenging to work with–I just love it.
      Thanks for stopping by; I enjoy hearing your opinions!



  2. Oh my, you mentioned Swift Rivers and San Domingo! I love both of those books, and think they’re both amazingly underrated. San Domingo might be one of Marguerite Henry’s very best, and yet it seems to be one of the least-known.


    1. I know! They are great books and so well-written. San Domingo is probably my favorite of all Marguerite Henry’s books. I have reread it so many times.
      It’s so great to run into someone who loves the same old books I do! 🙂



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