The World of Writing Music Artist Feature: John Williams


It is impossible to go anywhere this week without running into mention of Star Wars, which is probably why, when planning my post today, I thought of the man behind some of the most iconic film music of this age.

Arguably the most famous of all film composers, my featured artist today is none other than the great John Williams.

About the artist:

Born in New York to a musician father, John Williams went straight into music at the University of California, Los Angeles after high school and studied with the Italian composer, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Two years later he was drafted into the US Air Force and served with the US Air Force Band. When his time ended there, he moved back to New York and attended Julliard, working as a jazz pianist during that time.  After Julliard he returned to Los Angeles and worked in film score orchestration and as a studio pianist before being asked to score his first film.  Not long after, Steven Spielberg asked Williams to write the score for his directorial debut film, and the year after, the did Jaws together, which sealed a long-time collaboration which included Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Why I recommend him:   

Well, he’s iconic, and for a reason. His themes are unforgettable, and while I may argue that some incline a little too much to the march-like and repetitive, he does write very beautiful music.  His music  is solid, well-written, diverse, and stirring.

What I use his music for:

-General playlist music

-Character themes (not often, but on occasion)

-Inspiring a specific emotion or tone in a scene

Favorite Albums:

Schindler’s List

Star Wars

War Horse

The Cowboys

Indiana Jones

Favorite Tracks:

Across the Stars (Attack of the Clones)

Summon the Heroes

The Homecoming (War Horse)

Hymn to the Fallen (Saving Private Ryan)

Anakin’s Betrayal (Revenge of the Sith)

With Malice Toward None (Lincoln)

Raiders March (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Victory Celebration (Return of the Jedi)

Have you heard any of John Williams’s scores? If so, which tracks are your favorites?

7 thoughts on “The World of Writing Music Artist Feature: John Williams

  1. When I discovered the Raider’s March I couldn’t stop listening to it! I also love Across the Stars. And what do you know, I just discovered Hymn to the Fallen this morning before I read your blog post. Try March from 1941. Very peppy, cute and happy.


  2. I like Across the stars too! It’s beautiful orchestration makes me want to spin and fly into the stars themselves. I’m glad you did this post! He is a reeeealy good tune writer. ❤


  3. Yes! I love Anakin’s Betrayal,Victory celebration,and Across the stars. Actually I am listening to across the stars right now.


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