Blessings of 2015, Hopes for 2016

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2015 was a fantastic year. In the inevitable ups and downs, the Lord blessed me abundantly with His steadfast love and mercy. With it being the new year, I think it is only fitting that I dedicate this post to looking back on blessings and looking forward to goals.

Blessings of 2015 and now:

-The Sea Scribblers Short Story Contest was a success, thanks to the wonderful Annie and Schuyler, and of course everyone who participated.

-My WIP is nearly ready for beta readers. *squeal*

-I am in possession of seven new beautiful notebooks as of last night, and I cannot wait to start putting them to good use (read: MORE STORIES).

-I was given Nadine Brandes’s book A Time to Die for Christmas, and I am wildly excited to start reading it.

-My newfound love for opera/Placido Domingo. I had been crazy over a song or two sung by Placido Domingo in the past, but in this last month, I have been swept away in the great amount of absolutely gorgeous music he  has done. It is making me a better, deeper writer. No, really.

-All my dear writing/blogging/Twitter friends and family. All of you who have encouraged, prayed, and helped me out this year—you have been an incredible blessing to me!

-New story ideas. As much as I can be hard on those little fellows, they are what make writing exciting and worthwhile to me.

-New fancy coffee. Enough said.

Looking Forward:

I love goals.  Every time the new year rolls around, without fail I open a new word document or a fresh page in my notebook and scribble down my goals, hopes, and dreams for that year.

Of course, looking back, I always see how priorities change as the year goes by, and being the incredible optimist I am where goals are concerned, it is rare that everything gets done.  Still, it doesn’t hurt to give yourself something to shoot for.

-Read 55 books. I did a little over thirty last year, and I think with some careful consistency, I can do a little more. If any of you have a book you are dying to share, please let me know, I’m looking for new and interesting ones!

-Write two to three novels and four novellas/short stories.

-Have my WIP (Crowning Heaven) progressed to the point at which I can start querying it to professionals.

-Start a writer’s group.  No clue at all if this one will happen, but I like to dream.

-Take some writing classes to expand my horizons and stretch me a little.

And for fun:

-Be able to speak/understand enough Italian to understand an opera without subtitles.

-Build up my breath support and technique so I can tackle bigger vocal pieces.


Are you setting goals for 2016? What are some of your reading/writing goals?

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