A Wee Bit of Sunshine


Greetings! The dear and lovely Wendy of The Jumping Bean nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. If you’ve never been there before, please go over and check her out. She is awesome 10x and the biggest sweetheart. Anyway, I needed some sunshine right now, since everything is frigid where I am, and we’ve mostly had just gray skies.

So…seven random facts about me. This could either be incredibly interesting or incredibly boring.

  1. I am germaphobic. Which means I sort of have that whole stay-healthy-and-avoid-the-germ thing down to a fine art, and go on high alert when someone sneezes.
  2. I am an opera fanatic, most especially of Placido Domingo’s work. Everyone can keep their musicals and their tv shows-I’ll be in the corner with some Puccini or Verdi.
  3. There are three foods I never get tired of eating: pizza, tacos, and Chinese food.
  4. I love Nascar. This year will be my fifteenth as a die-hard fan, and if you want to get me talking, ask me about the sport.
  5. I worked as a horse wrangler for a film that starred John Rhys-Davies. (It wasn’t Lord of the Rings, though.)
  6. I answered the door for a pizza delivery man dressed up as a wise man for a Christmas play. In a fake beard.
  7. I am an unofficial ASL interpreter; I sign a portion of the service/sermon at church each week.

Now here are the rules:

1.      Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award

  1. Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog.
  2. Share 7 facts or things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 5 bloggers that you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

So…I nominate Joni from Lace and Fog and Aberdeen from A Glimpse of Starlight, who are both wonderful people with beautiful blogs!

10 thoughts on “A Wee Bit of Sunshine

  1. I’ve been known to get tired of pizza, but I could eat tacos and Chinese every day and not get sick of it. 😉 These are fun random facts, not boring at all! You’ve made me curious as to what the pizza delivery man said…


    1. *high fives* Tacos and Chinese for the win! I am very glad that I wasn’t boring, my dear. 😉 As for the delivery man, I am pretty sure that he didn’t say anything…but I’m sure he laughed. (I was only eleven then).



  2. Yay, another germaphobic person! The number of times I wash my hands every day dries out my skin in a totally unhealthy way, but I’d rather have that than germs.


  3. You’re germaphobic? Oh yeah, totally. Oh yeah…you LOVE opera, what was that song you listened to all day? Those foods are definitely my favorites…except you left off the potatoes. Unfortunately I was always the ‘forget NASCAR’ person in our family, but I still get offended when people say it’s not a sport. I KNOW what the movie was!!! ;D AHA HA HA! You never told me you answered the door for a pizza delivery guy dressed like that! 😀 Love ASL! ❤ Very sunshiny little post!


    1. I don’t know, was it “Ch’ella mi Creda” or “Cielito Lindo”? And I am sorry for leaving potatoes off…they are very high on my favorite food list though. 🙂 And you are very good at ASL too, my dear. 😉



  4. I could live off pizza. In a world where it would have no adverse consequences, that is. XD

    Also, I’m pleased to say that I have heard Placido Domingo sing before! We have the Christmas CD he and Glenn Close did together (Repeat the Sounding Joy). It’s one of my favorites and utterly beautiful and festive.

    NASCAR. I can’t wait until the season starts up again!

    *feels special because she knows what movie you’re talking about*


    1. “In a world where it would have no adverse consequences, that is.” Haha. I know it! XD

      Hurrah for Placido Domingo! Isn’t his voice just utterly beautiful?

      Oh yes! Can’t for it to start again! Especially since Kyle Busch is defending champ now!

      And that movie. *chuckles* It was loads of fun to work on. Especially the pizza feast at 1 am. The only bad thing was that you had to eat it with horse hands. O.o



  5. Thank you so much for the nomination! Puccini is marvelous—one of my favorite songs ever (Nessun-Dorma) is by him. And pizza, much yes. That’s so cool about sign language, too—I’d love to learn it and use it as a ministry some day.


    1. Yay! A fellow lover of Puccini and Nessun Dorma! His musical themes are so beautiful! Yes, sign language is a wonderful tool for ministry! Let me know if you ever take it up, I would love to hear how it goes for you! 🙂


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