In Which I Talk About Some of My Favorite Blogs

In Which I Talk ABout Some of My Favorite Blogs

In the blogging world, I’ve found that some things are far more important than numbers and following.

Friends. Inspiration. Quality. The list could go on.

There are so many fantastic blogs out there that encourage and inspire me, or are run by the nicest people imaginable, and this handful, I think, deserves your attention.

So please, check these people out and give them a follow!


Curious Wren:

What you’ll find there: A little bit of everything. She interviews people, writes thoughtful articles, posts snippets, and makes everybody feel welcome.

What I love about it: It is like walking into a lovely old house with nooks to explore, gingerbread and tea, and delightful goings-on.

Favorite Posts


My Lady Bibliophile

What you’ll find there: Thought-provoking posts on reading and writing, book reviews, and the occasional vlog.

What I love about it: Schuyler does not write lightly. When she tackles a tough topic, you can bet she’s put a lot of thought into it. She reads widely and prolifically, and she’s a wise, thoughtful voice in a world where it is common to blurt out your thoughts the minute you think them.

Favorite Posts


The Penslayer

What you’ll find there: Articles on writing and writing life, snippets, life updates.

What I love about it: Jenny is like a cup of strong coffee. She has strong opinions and states them strongly. I don’t always agree with her, but I do admire her fire and passion for what she does, and she has some great advice. Her articles are short and easy to read, and she posts frequently.

Favorite Posts


Story Port

What you’ll find there: Writing tips, story updates, and practical articles. I understand that she will be making some changes in the near future, so look out for that. It may be slightly different, but it’s going to be good.

What I love about it: Brianna da Silva is both a thoughtful writer and a born encourager. She’s sharp and perceptive of the writing world around her and she has advice worth hearing.

Favorite Posts


Sarah Letourneau’s Official Website and Blog

What you’ll find there: Many things! She has lots of posts on technical how-to for writing, she posts updates on her WIP, reviews of everything from TV shows to tea, and links to her frequent guest posts elsewhere.

What I love about it: She’s down-to-earth, friendly, and writes conversationally, while giving you helpful, honest advice.

Favorite Posts


These are only a fraction of the wonderful blogs I’ve had the privilege of reading and enjoying. If you enjoyed this post and are interested in seeing another one like it, comment below and let me know!


4 thoughts on “In Which I Talk About Some of My Favorite Blogs

  1. Awwww, thank you, Emily! I’m honored that you enjoy the site so much and recommend it to your readers. 🙂 The rest of your list is wonderful, too. Brianna’s StoryPort is one of my favorite writerly blogs.


  2. I love the list of your favorite blogs! Thanks so much for the sweet mention, I’m truly honored. ❤

    I haven't checked out Story Port and Sarah's blog, so I shall have to pop over and take a peek at them, based on your high recommendation! Oh, yes, and I've been enjoying Jenny's blog a lot as well! It makes me think through my own opinions on things more.

    I always enjoy recommendation posts, so would love to see any more you might have! Twitter accounts, etc. would be grand, too. 🙂


    1. You are welcome! It was my first favorite blog ever. 😉
      Great! I’ll have to see about doing some more of those. There are many people I would love to highlight. 🙂


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