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Since September began, I have been having a little tussle with myself about fall. Half of me is super excited for the cool weather, for bright leaves, pumpkins, and cider and doughnuts, and the other half dreads winter on the other end of this (very) short season.

But one thing I haven’t had any problems with is putting together my fall TBR. It’s not too soon for that! Most of my summer was taken up with reading YA to get a feel for the current market and the genre as it stands right now (sorry to say, I was mostly unimpressed, but maybe that’s a post for another time), so I’m rather ready for a change.

How about some classics?


Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen: Because I love Jane Austen, and I LOVE Emma Thompson’s adaption, and I haven’t gotten around to reading the real deal yet.

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens: Finishing this up from this summer. Somehow I just fell off halfway through and never got back on, even though I was enjoying it.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte: This is one my mom loves, and so even though I know the general storyline already, I have picked it up to read it in its entirety.

A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes: I’m in the middle of this one, and I intend to be caught up and ready for the third book when it comes out.

A Time to Rise by Nadine Brandes: Coming out in October (so excited!). Support your favorite authors. Enough said.

I, Juan de Pareja by Elizabeth Barton de Trevino: This has literally been on my shelf for almost my whole life and my sister has been telling me I should read it for the last ten years. I suppose it’s been long enough.

None Like Him by Jen Wilkin: A wonderful study on the character of God. I’ve been using it sort of like a daily devotional…the chapters are a manageable size.

The Light Beyond the Forest by Rosemary Sutcliff: The search for the Holy Grail, beautifully and artfully done. Sutcliff knows how to handle legend.

Various works of C.S Lewis: I haven’t quite decided which to start with (I will accept recommendations), but I realized that I haven’t read much of his non-fiction and I haven’t read his space trilogy. So I’m going to remedy that.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? What is on YOUR fall reading list?

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19 thoughts on “Fall TBR

  1. I am really into reading the classics too. On my list for this school year is The Scarlet Pimpernel, A Tale of Two Cities, a few Gene Stratton Porter books, and others I can’t think of. 😉

    Mere Christianity is a C.S. Lewis must-read! I loved that one! And a lot of people recommend the Screwtape Letters, but I started it, and I personally found it rather creepy! I feel like I should read it though, it seems like a classic. 😉


  2. “I, Juan” is a very good book. Hope you enjoy it! I would strongly recommend “The Weight of Glory” and “The Screwtape Letters” by Lewis.


  3. Yay for classics! I totally hear you on the YA note. I barely read any YA anymore except for a select few. I spend most of my reading time on classics. I just finished Lord of the Flies, and it was SO good! It was disturbing, but I loved it!!! And next on my school reading list is actually C. S. Lewis’s Out of the Silent Planet. I’m really looking forward to it.

    And aaahh, yes, I LOVE Nadine’s books! I can hardly wait for A Time to Rise to come out!!! It’s going to be SOOOO epic!!! And really, you gotta finish A Time to Speak. You’ll love it. You might cry, but you’ll love it.


    1. Hey, we’ll probably be reading Out of the Silent Planet at the same time, then! I’m thinking I’m going to give his Space Trilogy a shot.

      And yes, I am SOO excited for A Time to Rise! A Time to Speak is coming along slowly. (I’ll have it by next week.) 😉

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      1. Awesome!! I think Out of the Silent Planet will be really good! It’s C. S. Lewis, after all!

        And yees, you will LOVE A Time to Speak!!! I can hardly wait to read A Time to Rise!! Everything Nadine writes is so fantabulous, it can’t help but be amazing!!!


  4. Ooo, I’d be really interested in Rosemary Sutcliff’s book on The Holy Grail! She’d do it especially beautifully. 😀

    Looks like a good stack there! I’m putting mine on the blog next week.

    ~Schuyler ❤


  5. I read Jane Eyre and Sense & Sensibility years ago. Jane Eyre in particular is one of my favorite novels of all time, and Jane one of my favorite literary heroines ever. So I hope you enjoy that one. 🙂

    Let’s see… My fall TBR list is pretty full. *lol* It has a few yet-to-be-released books (Leigh Bardugo’s Crooked Kingdom, Rae Carson’s Like a River Glorious, Ryan Graudin’s Blood For Blood), other 2016 books I’ve yet to get to (Jen Williams’ The Copper Promise, Victoria Schwab’s This Savage Song, and Ruta Sepetys’s Salt to the Sea), some classics (Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, Tolkien’s Unfinished Tales), and a couple others. Most of it is fantasy, with the exception of Salt to the Sea (YA historical fiction set during WWII).

    I’m curious to know which YAs you read over the summer that disappointed you. I’ve had a so-so year with YA fantasy as well, but I’m trying to stay on top of it since it’s the genre for my WIP.


    1. I have been enjoying Jane Eyre so far, so I’m pretty confident I will like it.

      How fun, having yet-to-be-released books on your list! #futuregoals I’ve heard good things about This Savage Song (I am a violinist, after all) and Salt to the Sea, but I haven’t gotten around to looking further into them than that. 😦

      But I do love Tolkien’s Unfinished Tales. All of Tolkien’s appendices are wonderful, but Unfinished Tales is one of my favorites. 🙂

      I hear you. Staying on top of the current market isn’t always as fun as it sounds. Um, I read the Hunger Games Trilogy and wasn’t impressed, and then there were books that while I pulled out little things I liked, just didn’t have enough to outweigh the stuff I didn’t like. Storm Siren, The Girl From Everywhere, Red Rising, and The Crown’s Game (though that one less than the others). I think I’m just not a fan of the super immersive grab-your-attention-at-all-costs style that’s in right now.

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      1. Understood. As much as I love YA fantasy, it can be very touch-and-go for me, too. Some series that are really popular right now… they just don’t appeal to me. But I’ve run into a good stretch lately with more unique YA fantasies, like Traci Chee’s The Reader, A.J. Hartley’s Steeplejack, and Roshani Chokshi’s The Star-Touched Queen. They all struck me as stories that were written the way they were meant to be written, without much in the way of genre confines or common tropes.

        Yay! Glad to hear you’re enjoying Jane Eyre. 🙂


  6. Jane Eyre and Sense & Sensibility are delightful! I highly recommend C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy. It seemed very different from his other works when I started reading it years ago. It’s probably time for a re-read.


  7. I know how you feel. o.o I am really, really excited for autumn and pretending that winter is still far away so basically I am in denial of sorts?

    Classics for the win! I haven’t read Sense and Sensibility yet either and I probably should. Oh STARS, I adore A Tale of Two Cities–makes me cry every time without fail. *hugs book* Have you read it before?

    I have decided it is high time I buy A Time to Die. Good plan, yes? I’m looking forward to reading the entire trilogy and (hopefully) falling in love with it. You’ll share your thoughts of A Time to Speak, right ho?

    GIRL YOU HAVE NOT READ JANE EYRE?? *hyperventilates* You will love, love it despite already knowing most of the story. ^_^ It’s the perfect book for fall–I’m going to re-read it this season, methinks. The thought makes me happy.

    I, Juan de Pareja is utterly beautiful. That is all.

    I started The Screwtape Letters this month and so far it’s excellent. It’s one of those books that you read slowly and mull over each chapter as you finish it. It is good stuff.


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