Spring TBR

Spring TBR (1)

I love Spring. I love how the drabness of winter melts away and the brown is replaced by green. I love how the air is fresh and sweet, and I love the way houses smell when you finally open windows. Spring cleaning gets into your bones, and you just want to make new starts of everything.

That’s why choosing my Spring TBR is so much fun.

I take that back. Choosing my TBR is always fun.

Also, my wonderful Mom took it upon herself to find some recently written (and not so junky looking) YA for me, so some of that is below. I just LOVE new books I have never heard of!


The Shining Company by Rosemary Sutcliff: This is an old favorite, and I actually have not read the whole thing front to back in years. Time to get my heart torn out again (in the best sense).

Heart of a Samurai by Margi Preus: This is the true story of a Japanese boy who was shipwrecked and saved by Yankee whalers in the 19th century. However, he was barred from Japan and had to go with them to America. Really looking forward to diving into this one.

Just Write by James Scott Bell: One of my favorite writing books ever, I am always inspired and encouraged when I finish it. (This will be my third read-through in nine months.)

Eragon by Christopher Paolini: A friend lent this to me and I have been shamefully long about finishing it. I am constantly impressed that this was written by a fifteen-year-old.

The Wicked and the Just by J. Anderson Coats: Historical fiction set in 13th century Wales. Oh yeah.

What Is Biblical Theology? by James Hamilton Jr. : I received this book when the author came to my church to speak. I got it free because I was one of two people who had read a 5/600 page book this year already (this was in January) and my pastor wanted it to go to someone who was actually going to read it. So I better get on it.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein: The story of a girl agent caught by the Nazis in WWII; she agrees to give them information instead of rather bad alternatives. I hear it is incredibly clever and sad. Hopefully my kind of book.

Now tell me: what’s on your TBR list this spring/summer? Any great books I need to read? I always have room for one more!

4 thoughts on “Spring TBR

  1. Hope you enjoy your list! I haven’t read any of those books, though I’d like to check out Code Name Verity and I feel embarrassed that I haven’t read Eragon yet. You’d think any good fantasy fan would make a point to read that series, right? (*blushes*)

    I’ve actually been on a reading slump thanks to the past three books I’ve read. They haven’t all been terrible, but when you come away feeling frustrated for one reason or another for three books in a row, you know you’re having a rough time of it. :/ But I started Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb this weekend, so here’s hoping it will pull me out of that slump. Other books I’m hoping to read this spring / early summer are Books 2 and 3 of Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness Quartet, Winter of the Gods by Jordanna Max Brodsky, and Firebrand by A.J. Hartley.


    1. Thank you! I have enjoyed a couple in this stack so far, so I am hoping I will enjoy the rest. I am sorry you are in a bit of a slump, it is always so frustrating and I know for myself it can even mess with my writing. 😦 But I hope your next books pick up, they sound interesting at the very least!

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