Seventh City Is Here! (A Blog Tour Kickoff)

Seventh City Is Here!


Hi folks!

I am so excited: my sophomore novel, Seventh City has finally arrived!  There will be a blog tour running between now and the 30th so be sure to follow along and check out all the stops and give these wonderful bloggers some love!

And now to the book and the goodies!



“Let me tell you a story that happened so long ago that only the hills and rivers can remember the time . . . .”

All her life, thirteen-year-old Maki has heard tales of the legendary city of gold, buried deep in the northern frontier. But when her village is burned and her brother captured by cruel invaders, the legend becomes desperately real.

Armed with a wolf-dog and a heart of courage, Maki sets out on a journey that will demand all her strength and cunning. She is determined to bring her brother home at all costs. Yet as her quest leads her deep into a wilderness of ancient dangers, Maki realizes that even for her, some prices are too high to pay.


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Blog Tour: 

August 20: Kickoff post: The Herosinger Blog

August 21: Guest Post: Down the Rabbit Hole

August 22: Spotlight: Deborah O’Carroll 

August 23: Interview: My Lady Bibliophile

August 24: Guest Post: Rae Graham 

August 25: Q&A: Liz Koetsier at Ink Lizard

August 26: Spotlight/Review: Claire Banschbach

August 27: Interview: Smudged Thoughts

August 28: Review: Kaleigh Stroink

August 29: Interview: Laura Grace at Unicorn Quester

August 30: Interview: Anne Rhys at Father’s Joy

Thank you everyone for you love and continued support! Be sure to follow along with the festivities for more behind-the-scenes and discussions! 

2 thoughts on “Seventh City Is Here! (A Blog Tour Kickoff)

  1. ASDFGKL!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I’m a few days late but CONGRATULTIONS, EMILY!!! I am so, SO immensely proud of you and this smol book child!! I can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy!!! MEEP!!!! I just want to give you all of the hugs and cookies right now!!!!! <3333


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